The Bayou Brothers, straight from the Dutch swamps

Does it sound funky or bluesy? Is it adventurous? Is it a rock band with a funny name? A little bit of everything if you add up the history of the four members. Salle de Jonge and Bart de Win kept bumping into each other and fantasized about a new band with a New Orleans sound as a starting point. The moment Tom Veltien and Guus Bakker joined an exchange of ideas started flowing and it pushed the Bayou Brothers in a new direction. Not a copy of any band or style, but a mix of everything the individual members have been involved in. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to present a list of all these projects. Expectations could be confusing. So this is what it is for now. ‘The Bayou Brothers’ is simply a band with a lot of voices, even more fun, complete lack of cockiness and, last but not least, fresh, original material. The Bayou Brothers are: Salle de Jonge (drums/vocals), Bart de Win (rhodes/organ/vocals), Guus Bakker (bass/vocals) & Tom Veltien (guitar/vocals).